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Nature Festival

A festival for the adventure seekers

Nature Festival is an ecstatic experience in the Madeira Island, a festival for the adventure seekers. Activities take place, as the saying goes, “from the valley to the mountain and from the sea to the hills”, making this a must-see festival for all nature and sports lovers. The combination of energy and inescapable adrenaline translates into a thrill like no other, giving you the chance to live a truly overwhelming adventure!

There’s a wide range of extreme activities for free intended for all age groups that take place all over the Madeira archipelago: hiking, mountain biking, surfing, canyoning… There are many sports for you to try. Just pick one (or more) and enjoy yourself as never before. Follow this challenging trail that allow you to be at one with nature and bring out your bravest and most adventurous side, so you can live all these experiences to the fullest!


Date: 3 Oct 2023
08 Oct 2023
Location: Madeira
Admission: Free
  20.6 °C
  16.5 °C

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