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Alpino Atlântico Ayurveda Hotel

An Ayurvedic Cure Hotel

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Alpino Atlântico Hotel

A special place conceived for ayurvedic treatment guests accommodation. With 27 rooms (double and suite typology), this small hotel, assures the necessary peace and tranquillity, so you can relax and recover your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional balance.

Located in a small hideaway, in the south coast of the Island, Alpino Atlântico is an adult’s only hotel in a full board rate, taking strictly a detox diet and ayurvedic complete programs. Here the day starts with a yoga session and an overwhelming sea view, without distractions or worries. Naturally perfect.

Key Features

Ayurveda Restaurant

Madeira Ayurveda Food

Ayurveda Cure Center

With 2 Indian resident Doctors, 15 Therapists, and more

Special Programs

Panchakarma, Rasayana cure, Acupuncture, and more







  20.6 °C
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