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Quintinha São João

A small hotel with a big heart!

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Quintinha São João Hotel

The Quintinha de São João, a property wonderfully integrated into the island’s landscape, is a perfect example of the old and existing typical Madeiran Quintas that were previously located on the outskirts of the city of Funchal on the Island of Madeira.

For unknown reasons, the original far-reaching Quinta was divided into various lots; one of which was the “Quintinha de São João”. The present owner, José Barreto, saw the profitability of enriching an unused area, which induced him to build the Quintinha de São João on an expanse of land that clearly captures and embraces the true ambience
of old Madeira residences.

Each room has a separate open-plan living and sleeping area, providing an expansive space of comfort. Combining the use of wooden furniture, pastel tones and natural light, the result is an atmosphere of total relaxation.

Key Features

The Morgadinha

With regional and international dishes that make your mouth water.


With facial treatments, body treatments, massages and water treatments

Cocktail Bar

Vasco da Gama Bar, one of the best you can find







  20.6 °C
  16.0 °C

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