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Sentido Galomar

A unique active holidays experience

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Sentido Galomar Hotel

The Galo Resort offers a unique holiday experience based on the authenticity of the Madeira destination and its greatest assets, Nature and Culture. Apart from a privileged location at the top of a cliff, a diversified offer of experiences and services through local partners, the resort has since chosen a distinct position and intends to be a reference unit in the environmental perspective.

The renovation of the Galomar Hotel is the greatest proof of this position and ambition. A smart building designed for A+ energy-certified hospitality, 100% self-sufficient in energy, perfectly integrated into the surroundings, with highly efficient equipment, innovative materials and the experience of a team already recognized by several awards and environmental certifications.

Key Features


With a combination of different massage techniques, energy and beauty treatments in harmony with the forces of nature

Madeira's First Hotel with Self-Sustainable Energy

A smart building designed for A energy-certified hospitality, 100% self-sufficient in energy

Sports Practice, Relaxation and Meditation

Activities like outdoor yoga, jogging, kayak rental, spa fitness, and more







  20.6 °C
  17.6 °C

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