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Simplified information on the rules applied in the context of Covid-19 in Madeira


Does Madeira have restrictions at the airport on arrival?

There are no restrictions for travelers at airports in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.


Do we need to wear masks?

No, except in these spaces and cases:

• Health facilities and services, including pharmacies;
• Collective passenger transport, as well as passenger transport by taxi or similar;
• Platforms and covered access to public transport, including airports and maritime terminals;
• In confirmed cases of COVID-19, in all circumstances, whenever they are out of their place of isolation until the 10th day after the date of onset of symptoms or positive test.


Establishment Schedules have changed?

Establishment schedules are operating normally as they were before the pandemic situation arose and the events that were expected to take place are taking place.


More information here.

Updated May 31st.
  20.6 °C
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